Adam Saleh


Meet a Muslim Person 

Is this ur real tumblr adam?

yes it is:) im just barely on it! 

What's your ideal first date?

somewhere fun and adventurous :)  

So I follow you here, twitter and subscribed to your videos and facebook. Is that weird? lol I'm working on a drawing of you right now c: I shall meet you one day in NYC. SOON i hope. Bye take care and stay crazy. You're amazing Adoomy.

<3 love youuuuuu! <3 stay awesome!

you probably get this a lot, but seriously your videos and everything brighten up my day and help me out a lot :-) why can't you be english :( you should come one day.. if you reply to this i will die of happiness haha:') i love you lots. wanna marry someone like you:} xo

<3 i love you too! Youre amazing! lol well i am english. english american :p

hey Adam, can i just say, you are so amazing. Like honestly. You're such an inspiration :) Keep up the incredible work xx

<3 thanks! Keep up the support

you look So much better without facial hair !

but my mom doesnt like me like that 

ok hi. I just noticed that you followed me on tumblr & reblogged my gif that i made. you like made my life when you did that. thfhaf i love you <3 & how did you find it? just wondering (: btw, youre a true inspiration to me & your sunday videos make my day 10000 better <3

hahaha someone showed me! Its nice! thanks for everything! Love you <3