Adam Saleh

@omgAdamSaleh Nick Jonas is the cooolesttt homie!!

@omgAdamSaleNick Jonas is the cooolesttt homie!!

Adam, do you usually follow people on instagram?x

Yes, I do..I dont wanna have a dead timeline , lol follow me: @ adamsaleh

If this was to be our very last conversation, what words of wisdom would you want to pass on to me?

Smile more..Worry less :D

OMG i love you so much your funny and really cute xxxx ;-)

aw thanks! I love you too x :D

Give us one fact about yourself you dont think your fans would already know?

I help my mom wash the dishes and clean the house sometimes. hahaa x I always wanna make her happy no matter what!

do you like turtles?

Yes, they are cool :D


Make the Homeless Smile 

Watch. Enjoy, and REBLOG if you smiled :) 

I love you

i love you too x